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Featuring great flip flops from legendary brands like these:

Hurley Cobian Reef Havaianas Flojos

Each month, Siesna style experts choose a great new flip flop for our members. Here are our choices for the last 12 months:

February, 2013 January, 2013 December, 2012 November, 2012
October, 2012 September, 2012 August, 2012 July, 2012
June, 2012 May, 2012 April, 2012 March, 2012

How do we choose our flip flops?

Siesna Flip Flop Club style experts constantly scour the Internet for the best prices on high-quality, fashionable flip flops for our members. Not just any flip flop will make the cut, though. To show up in Siesna member mailboxes, a flip flop must be sturdy and high-quality. We take a pass on disposable flip-flops and those that aren't good for your feet. 

With your comfort, safety and value in mind, we also look for the most stylish choices we can make. We look for a wide variety of styles, so your Siesna flip flops never get boring or mundane. If we choose a basic, elegant flip flop one month, you'll likely receive a fun, colorful pair the next month. 

Remember, Siesna Flip Flop Club makes your satisfaction our number one priority. You can always rest assured that the flip flops you receive from us will be high quality, comfortable, fashionable, and something you will be proud to wear. 

How do you get a brand new pair of flip flops every month? Easy as 1, 2, 3:

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Join the club.
It only takes a minute

and doesn't cost much.

Step 2

Tell us about you Tell us about you.
Give us a little info

like your name and shoe size.

Step 3

Enjoy new flip flops every month! Sit back and enjoy!
A brand new pair of flip flops

shows up every month.

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